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It’s really an exciting time to be a woman if you ask me. Women around the world are breaking barriers and hurdles to achieve greater heights formally reserved for the man.

Many female leaders worldwide are standing up and speaking out to help their struggling sisters regain power, to educate and inspire them to achieve personal and social success.

Here are some thought provoking quotes from some accomplished women for your read-through.

Be inspired and empowered. It is possible. Go out there and excel.

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My birth name is Christine Adzo Gbekle. A Ghanaian born lady with an Ewe ancestry. I have about three decades of experience in life and hope to experience more. My zodiac sign is Pisces. i believe i am a combination of an introvert and extrovert by trait. They run shifts. lol! A trained journalist by profession and aspire to be a sort after communication expert. I thrive to be the best at whatever i do. in a nutshell, i am an average girl just trying to live life. Call me ADZO! xoxo.

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