The Power of Positive Thinking: It is all in your mind and mouth

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Proverb 12: 18 The words of the reckless pierce like swords,but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

People talk to us and about us all the time, be it good or bad it has an influence in our lives. Just as when we speak to ourselves or harbor thoughts in our minds. Whether we like to believe this theory or not, this phenomenon is as real as you and me. I want you to hold thought for a second, clear your mind and really observe the thoughts? Are they good or bad?  I really didn’t realize how true this was untill this happened to me.

Positive thinking, Urban Dollz

A few months ago I discovered that I wasn’t holding on to unclean thoughts about myself mainly because I was going through a lot of emotional drama from a break up, which was draining the life out of me. One day I noticed I had a sharp pain in my chest right where my beating heart lies, which seem to get worse every time I got angry or thought about  the emotional awkwardness I found myself in.

One night as pondered over this uncomfortable feeling t’ween my chest,it downed on me. As if God Himself through his infinite wisdom whispered in my ear, telling me that I was feeling that way only because of the negative thoughts, pain, bitterness and anger I had held in my heart. I knew then, I had to do something about it because my thoughts were making me sick and for what reason?  So I took action.

After my encounter with the “Power of Positive Thinking by  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale ” I decided that I was ready to let go of everything  that was holding me back.  So I started feeding myself with positive and faith filled thoughts. When I wake up in the morning  I look myself the mirror and speak positive and uplifting words into my being. I would tell myself how beautiful I am and how much of a blessing I am to the people around and the next man who would find his way into my heart. As for my anger I prayed it all away, yes you heard me right. I prayed it all away and found love in a new way. Every morning I would wake up grateful for the knowledge I now have, to set myself free from the bondage of my mind, negative feelings and thoughts.

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Positive thinking, Urban Dollz

Truth is…I have seen an overall improvement in my life after I took that life changing decision. I am happier now, more focused and I got my energy back and most importantly I do not have those negative thoughts drowning me anymore. As for the pain in my chest… Gone… Completely gone.  I hope this knowledge finds you in good health and stirs a wave of positivity and self love within your soul. To be happier and healthier you need a renewing of your mind, that is, a change in your thoughts.



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Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. (Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind) Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12: 2 New Living Translation

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