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Welcome to Ghana; where women who want to make a statement or turn heads at occasions, style and show up in indigenous traditional cloths known as the ‘Kente’ and ‘Ntoma’.

Every Ghanaian woman’s fashion sense is influenced by our traditional ‘Kente’ and local textile print popularly called ‘Ntoma’. These prints comes in various patterns and colours. A variety to choose from.

At all occasions, be it weddings, funerals, parties, graduation,work, etc. Ghanaian women make it a point to stand out with their unique blend of culture and sophistication.  Just as the ‘kitenge’ is synonymous to Kenyan women, ‘Kente’ and ‘Ntoma’ is our identity as Ghanaian women. It separates us from the lot and accentuate our beautiful curves as African women.

We are still in the celebration mood of ‘Ghana Month’. A month set aside to celebrate everything Ghana.

Urban Dollz won’t leave you out of this celebration. We intend to expose you to the exceptional things that makes Ghana. Fashion is one of those exceptional and major things Ghanaian take seriously. The following are some Ghanaian women rocking in exquisite ‘Kente’ and ‘Ntoma’ styles.

Are Ghanaian women not just stunning? Be inspired and go get yourself a ‘Kente’ or ‘Ntoma’ and rock it stylishly.

My birth name is Christine Adzo Gbekle. A Ghanaian born lady with an Ewe ancestry. I have about three decades of experience in life and hope to experience more. My zodiac sign is Pisces. i believe i am a combination of an introvert and extrovert by trait. They run shifts. lol! A trained journalist by profession and aspire to be a sort after communication expert. I thrive to be the best at whatever i do. in a nutshell, i am an average girl just trying to live life. Call me ADZO! xoxo.

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