Our Story

Building The Million Dollar Dream

Growing up, I’ve always been passionate about building a empire but I did not know exactly what I wanted that to be.  Sourcing my inspiration from my father Horst Huebl, I always said to myself that “by the time I am done with University I should have a company running.” I’ve always had the passion for the creative arts, beauty, fashion and entrepreneurship, but the ultimate dream was to build a online business.
I had tired various ventures while in university but I failed successfully.  Two years after the passing on of my dear father Horst Huebl, I was hit with a personal financial crisis and depression.
I needed to find a way to channel that energy into something positive while to creating a sustainable income to live the life that I have only dreamed of.  Thinking through the solution to my situation on one sunny afternoon in the comforts of my home, I realized what I saw as a problem was actually an opportunity.
An opportunity  to create an avenue to solve my financial problems through doing what I have always loved to do, I. E. creating. This would not only solve my financial needs if successful, but will enable me fulfill my long time dream of owning my own blog and impact the world. So I decided to stop giving myself excuses and bury myself into creating URBAN DOLLZ.

In June 2016  Urban Dollz was born.  A way to connect with the world by sharing a piece of myself, my culture & heritage with people all over the world. Hoping to inspire, motivate and transform the minds and hearts of people who come into contact with this blog. Urban Dollz started as a blog for natural hair, but has grown & expanded it’s content since then.

I am Eva Maria Huebl the only daughter and last descendant of Horst & Evelyn Huebl. I am a singer-songwriter, actress and entrepreneur and I am building my million dollar dream.