Listen to Giovanni Damico Featuring VILLY :TO FELA’S PEOPLE.

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Hello Dollz, you know I love good music being a musician myself I am always looking for the next new sound. I was speaking to my friend Villy over the week and he sent me the link to his latest song “To Fela’s People”. Villy is a talented, vibrant and  conscious musician, all of his performances are live and wow he does know how to engage the crowd. If you like the sound of Fela Kuti, you would definitely appreciate his music. This is some soul food for the African mind, let’s see what he has to say about his new track.

On this project I expressed the challenges and stereotypes that Nigerians face as a people around the world. I see Nigeria my country as a conclusion to what the entire continent of Africa is, the Good,Bad and Ugly, we have them all and so does the rest of the world. As much as the song is tackling the stereotype outside of it shores it is also addressing Nigerians to take charge of their Nation & image.

The lyrics came out of my personal encounter with other nationalities outside the borders of Nigeria, I am now very much aware of the various prejudices people go through due to how they look, talk, and what their passport says.

I am a Nigerian telling my stories. VILLY

The Collaboration!!

To Fela’s People is one of three stompers Giovanni Damico delivered for this joint teaming up with VILLY of VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes who’s precise lyrics and drifty voice joins forces with a charging afrobeat rhythm hailing from Giovanni Damico’s bad ass laboratory.

Released by:
Kalakuta Soul Records

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