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How to find inner peace.

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Do you ever think about how you would behave if you were not surrounded by people who could judge you?

We are born totally at peace with ourselves, without any fear of criticism or judgment of others for us.  When our mom introduced us to others when we were babies, we realized we were facing a person who was not our mother but we were not afraid that person would judge us for our bumpy legs, our hair, our teeth  not well formed or for the strange sounds we stuttered.

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We are born beings without fear, without prejudice about ourselves or others, without worrying that someone will criticize us.  We are born very happy.

But, how quickly this magic disappears!

It is our parents, family and little friends who start to create the first barriers for us, which only increases over time.

Human society operates on the basis of good and evil, evaluation and criticism, acceptance and exclusion.  It is these two extreme categories from each other that we use as benchmarks to evaluate each other.  But everyone in this world is unique and we can not be compared to just two categories.

“Extraordinary minds do not need to receive evaluations from outside opinion or feel fulfilled through the achievement of goals.  Rather, they are truly at peace with themselves and the world around them.  They live without fear – immune to criticism or criticism from others.  They are nurtured by self-love and inner happiness. ”

For example, suppose you are giving a talk and no one in the room applauds.  You will immediately think that you are an unwanted person, not worthy of being there.

In fact, maybe they did not like the speech (which next time can be changed and be much better), maybe the audience did not feel good in the hall, maybe they did not like the topic, and so on.r

Not everything we do shows who we truly are.

Not everything has to do with you.  This is the first step to get out of the state of fear, to overcome the false barriers we have created during our growth.


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Extraordinary minds do not live in anticipation of evaluations.  They do not need validations, although they are always positive and should be accepted.  We have not come into this life to prove anything to anyone.  The greatest goal of every human being is happiness and it can be created from within us, we do not find it in the external environment.  But fear limits us to be ourselves.

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 As we grow older, we create gaps within ourselves, conditioned by the people we live with.  We create fears and keep our minds on what others will say.  It is the fears of outside opinion that push us to dress better or go to the gym.  It is the fear of exclusion that makes us act and behave like everyone else!!

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