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The only thing that defines us humans is our identity. Your identity defines and differentiate you from others. We all have a choice but the one thing we had no say in, is which root we stem from.

I am a Ghanaian! I am an Africa! That’s my root and identity. What’s yours?

Despite the diverse ethnic groups we have in Ghana, we all tend to identify ourselves as Ghanaians.

Did you know….. ???

Ghana is ranked as Africa’s most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index.

The name Ghana means ‘Warrior King’ and dates back to the days of the great ancient Ghana Empire between the 13th and 19th centuries.

The etymology of the word Ghana means “warrior king” and was the title accorded to the kings of the medieval Ghana Empire in West Africa, but the empire was further north than the modern country of Ghana, in the region of Guinea.

Welcome to Ghana ??

Africa’s friendliest country and the foremost destination in West Africa. There is so much to experience with our rich history, traditional art and culture, and natural scenic beauty.

Ghana, a land previously named ‘The Gold Coast’ because of the abundance of the precious mineral in its soil.

Did you know? ???

Ghana formerly known as Gold Coast was changed to Ghana after independence by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr. J. B. Danquah. The name Ghana was then adopted, However some people still believe G.H.A.N.A means God Has Appointed Nkrumah Already or for Africa.

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Gold is a commodity the world cannot do without. Its usefulness cannot be overrated. And our soil is rich with it.

Did you know ???

Ghana is Africa’s second biggest gold miner.

Gold is one of the 92 naturally occurring elements found on earth. There is no known natural substance that can destroy gold. It can be dissolved by chemical means, but even then it remains as gold-only in a more widely dispersed state.

Gold directly from a lode is crystalline in structure, and is usually referred to as “rough gold” because of the coarseness of its surface. Once washed from its original lode and swept away by the forces of nature, gold tends to become pounded flat and rubbed smooth.

In its natural form, gold is a very rich and beautiful substance to look at.

In fact, this is so true that there is a saying among experienced miners, and individuals who handle a great deal of the yellow metal that; it is not a good idea to look at any substantial amount of raw gold for very long at any given period of time. This is because it has a tendency to bring on a condition referred to as “gold fever.”

Noun. gold fever (countable and uncountable, plural gold fevers) (literally) A feverish obsession with seeking gold ore. (figuratively) An excessive craving for profit.

Just as Gold glitters, the people of Ghana are Golden and sheen their peaceful, polite and hospitable nature everywhere they find themselves.

As a Ghanaian, always remember you are on the land of Gold so, your life must reflect that of the qualities or attributes of Gold.

Gold is a sight to behold. Its nature can be related to our lives and existence. Just as the much sort after precious mineral was once in the deepest soil, dirty and has to be dug out of its abyss with the greatest of efforts, so must we not look at our circumstances to determine our final destination in life.

Going through life, think of yourself as Gold who needs lots of effort to be discovered but at the end glitters beautifully.

March is the month in which our beloved country gained its Independence from the colonial masters. It was on 6th march, 1957. Exactly, Sixty two (62) years ago.

The month is notably declared as ‘Ghana Month’ or ‘Made in Ghana’ month. A month in which we celebrate everything Ghana.

Join us as we at Urban Dollz celebrate this month with everything Ghana.

Happy Independence Day Ghana!

Remember, be a Golden Doll.

You know, you love me.


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