New Single : For You by Eva Maria

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Eva Maria is a singer -songwriter and this is her story.

Eva Maria, Urban Dollz, for you

“It took me a while but I am finally here… I got this beat 4 years ago from NLMGNM , apprently the instrumental was made 6 years ago… I made changes to the orignal lyrics I wrote and recorded it. St. Louis did his maggic on the mix but Kevin Sol changed the dynamics of the song with his amzing vocals.” -Eva Maria

This song was inspired by the bond between two lovers.Β  She is basically saying

Baby come over and lets chop some love.Β ? You know there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.


I am a smart unapologetic woman who knows what she wants. I embody success, passion, ambition and drive. And yesssss I know how to have fun.

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