Finding your purpose in life.

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For the past few months I have been pondering on the word ”Purpose”. With everything happening this world, I can’t help but wonder, ”What is my purpose?” Why was I created? What is my role in this infinite universe?

For sometime, I had been feeling lost, confused and broken because I really didn’t know what my purpose was. I was just living but not living a purposeful life. 

Till one night I spoke to this teen. She opened up to me about how she was feeling depressed, how she was sexually abused and she didn’t really know how to deal with all of that.

At that point I became a ”Mother Figure”  as I shared with her some of my experience and passed on some of my gems of wisdom, so she may be able overcome what she was going through. 

After our conversation that night. As I retired to bed, I felt fulfilled. For once in a long time I was truly happy. 

And I knew there and then, I had finally found my purpose. And if I had died that night I would have been at peace.

Remember! Life is too short just live. Find your ”Purpose” and live a fulfilled life.

I am singer-songwriter, actress and novice entrepreneur. I enjoy connecting with people and doing spontaneous things. I am a Gemini and I love it.

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