3 Supergirls Remain In the MTN Hitmaker Competition

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Even though I may be out of race, there are still 3 women standing in the MTN Hitmaker competition… OV, AYEYI, & ERZA TAMAA….

All amazing artists. ????

In case you didn’t know I  was in a music reality competition called The MTN Hitmaker and I made it to the final 12 of the competition. Even though I couldn’t snag the 100,000 ghc recording deal as I had hoped for, I left the  with a lot of invaluable experience and beautiful relationships that would last me a lifetime.


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These 3 women are beautiful inside and out. During my time in the house I got to know each of them on a level which helped me understand what makes them tick…. What makes them who they are.

On the surfaces they are great artist but inside they are strong women who have had to deal with the harsh realities of life, shaping them to be the awesome women they are today. #SuperGirls who are working hard to achieve their dreams.

I know it may sound weird but I never saw each of them as my competition but like sisters and over time creating a special bond with each of them. Their individual stories only inspired me to love myself more and give out my best.

Let me introduce you to the 3 standing ladies in the MTN hitmaker Season 7.


Meet OV

As much as she has a strong persona and often has a masculine touch to her appearance she is actually a lovable softie who is passionate about music. Her unique husky voice reminds me of Asa and Ebony combined. But OV is on another level, you would have to watch her perform to see what I am talking about.



Meet Ayeyi

Funny and with a big heart, there is never a time she wouldn’t find something to tease you about. What I love about Ayeyi, is her ability to channel her pain into creative positivity.


With one of the most powerful voices in the competition, I truly believe she can soar to higher heights if only she would let herself go and stop being afraid.

Finally Erza Tamaa

She reminds me of my little sister, she has this no nonsense attitude, hardcore and a go getter certainly a force to reckon with on the mic…

I believe as women we need to support each other and be our sister’s keeper.Imagine if these 3 women made to the top 3 and had to battle it out for the throne. That maybe the first in MTN Hitmaker history but most definitely something I would love to see…


Why support the others when we have 3 supergirls in the race…??? Support and let’s make history. Kindly text OV AYEYI & ERZA TAMAA  to the short code 1747 across all networks. Who run the world? Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllls




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