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Ten steps to make your dreams a reality.

As long as we breathe and live, each one of us will continue to dream and have a vision as to how we want our lives to turn out. Having a dream is in a way is what keeps us motivated and passionate about moving forward in life. It gives us hope for a brighter day. If I won’t be exaggerating, a dream is a fuel our heart runs on.

Dreams without action is a world of fiction. You need to wake up from your slumber and take action. Make a plan. Have a strategy under your sleeve. For dreams to be achieved, you need to set goals and break it down into attainable steps.

The only difference between successful individuals and unsuccessful individuals is “Action”. Successful people did not just dream, but woke up, took an action and boom! Their dreams became their reality.

You need to align your heart, mind, and body to spark up your dream into motion.

Dreams are free, thus; everyone can access it (except for the dead, of course). It, however, takes those with determination to change their reality through action and lead their lives.

 Walt Disney (A pioneer of the American animation industry) once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” This is the truth.

Every great invention in the world started with a dream. You first have to envisage it, take action and watch it materialize.

I used to just daydream and leave it at that, hoping some magic will happen for it to come to pass. Unfortunately, nothing happened until I started taking actions and steps to fulfill my desires. And my dreams are gradually becoming a reality.

I have read and equally experienced some ways when followed goes a great length to assist us to turn our dreams into reality. Permit me to share with you.

1. BELIEVE YOUR DREAM– You must believe your dream is attainable, to turn it into reality. When you believe, you will achieve it.   

2. DEFINE YOUR GOALS– What do you really want or wants to be. You must have a clear definition of your goals and ambitions. Write it down in a concise sentence. Example; ‘I want to become an award-winning actress’

3.TAKE ACTION AND TIME IT- Make a move and put a timeline on it.

4.MAKE SACRIFICES– In other to achieve certain heights you must be willing to give up comfort and sometimes loved ones. Success is never achieved in comfort. Get rid of any obstacle that might hinder your ambitions. It will pay off sooner than later.

5. AVOID AND IGNORE SELF-DOUBT (PROTECT YOUR MIND) – Our mindset is everything. It can either make or break you. Protect it from naysayers and ignore that inner voice telling you, it is not possible, you can’t do it. Yes, you can and you will. Even when scared, just do it.

6. FOCUS/ DON’T MAKE EXCUSES– You have to remain focus and determined to achieve your goals. Do not make excuses as to why you can’t do it. Excuses are for the weak. Focus.

7. EMBRACE CHANGE AND FAILURE– Be ready for change as you pursue your dreams. Change, as they say, is the only constant thing in life. While things change, you may encounter failure too. Failure is not an endpoint. It can be a signal for you to keep trying.

8. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE OTHERS. On the journey to achieving your goals, you will come across many individuals with diverse traits and gifts. Never underestimate anyone, rather lean on their strength when the need arises and ignore their flaws. You are unique in your own way. There is space for everyone. Ask for help when you need it and learn from others.

9. ASSESS AND IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS– Preparation must meet opportunity. You must be prepared for the opportunities you crave for. Learn and improve your skills while waiting. Example, if you want to be a world class chef, you must always look out for new recipes and spend time in the kitchen improving your cooking skills.

10. DO NOT GIVE UP-The path to success is paved with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but you can’t lose heart. Stay strong, be humble, and lean on others for support when necessary.

Your dream is your future. Do not waste it. Work towards it. CHASE THAT DREAM!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –

Eleanor Roosevelt


My birth name is Christine Adzo Gbekle. A Ghanaian born lady with an Ewe ancestry. I have about three decades of experience in life and hope to experience more. My zodiac sign is Pisces. i believe i am a combination of an introvert and extrovert by trait. They run shifts. lol! A trained journalist by profession and aspire to be a sort after communication expert. I thrive to be the best at whatever i do. in a nutshell, i am an average girl just trying to live life. Call me ADZO! xoxo.

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