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Being focused is one of the biggest challenges I face every single day of my life. Almost a never ending battle between, what needs to be done and what I want to do. It is very annoying, because then I end up having a lot of unfinished business with a lot of people and a lot of thing and that can be bad for my reputation. But what does it mean to be focused anyways? It simply means to fix one’s attention steadily toward a central objective.


Let’s Play the Blame Game??

The curse of the Gemini

The ability to do everything but a master of none. Yes ??♀because we are super talented with a whole lot of ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ , sometimes instead of zapping that energy at one place (focus) we end up zapping it at places and people who do not deserve our energy in the first place. We can all find many reasonable and even valid reasons why we are not foucused.

5 ENEMIES OF FOCUS, Urban Dollz, Lifestyle blogs in Ghana

But on a more serious note

Have you ever been in a situation where you had this perfect plan, then someone comes in with another plan? And for some no gawd damn reason, you abandon your plan and followed theirs because you now think your plan is not good enough? ? hmmm. Been there so many times to I realize that I was doing it all wrong!  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people can give you information that can completely change your life for the best. But when you loose yourself in their mind, when you start believing that this person is always right and you start doubting yourself that is when you know you have a problem.  Below are the 5 enemies of focus you should be aware of.



According to the Cambridge dictionary a “Distraction” is something that prevents someone from giving their attention to something else or my definition, when other things become priority.

5 ENEMIES OF FOCUS, Urban Dollz, Lifestyle blogs in Ghana

A distraction is like a virus, it goes undetected slowly occupying your mind, thoughts and actions, obscuring itself in blanket of pleasure, satisfaction or even happiness. It’s all an illusion, when you weigh them against your goals and priorities you realize that charle wo di nkwaseasɛm. This destruction could be a person, relationship, a situation or your emotions. Anything that is preventing you from achieving your goals, is a distraction. I beg make you no argue with me.



Has something else taken over your time and priorities this year?


2.Get you house in order!


Our lives becomes chaotic when there is disorder. Let’s face it! Order is one of the laws of the universe, everything has to be organized. Even creation was a planned and organized event. The lack of order stems from the lack of discipline and the lack of discipline stems from a bunch of unhealthy habits you have built over time.

Disorder is to undo the proper order of things.

5 ENEMIES OF FOCUS, Urban Dollz, Lifestyle blogs in Ghana


Nature is a great teacher of what it means to be organized. How?  Let’s take a baby for example. When a baby is born it can even talk but then over time it learns, starts walk and before you know it you are walking her down the aisle. My point is…? In life you’ve got to take it one step at a time, one day at time, one challenge at a time and one victory at time. ?

Order creates balance.

Disorder clutters our lives and our minds, preventing to from thinking clearly. This happens when we place things in the wrong place. When we are not organized it affects every aspect of our lives from personal, business even your spiritual life.

Being disorganized could also mean not having your prioritizes in order. Running before you can even learn how to talk. Take a look at your life do you have some misplaced priorities? Do you have the discipline to keep the non-essentials out of your life?

Discipline is like muscles you have to work the out or you can never build them.

3.The ? can delay your blessings but he cannot stop it from happening.


5 ENEMIES OF FOCUS, Urban Dollz, Lifestyle blogs in Ghana

When things don’t happen fast enough like we thought it would, we tend to forget the reason why we started. We lose focus is because something we wanted got delayed. As a result of the delay, we stopped moving ahead and just waited.

Sometimes God can cause certain delays in your life to test you and your faith, test and build your character but  what you do in this period is very important. As you wait you prepare yourself for that opportunity. Surely that opportunity will present itself most likely when you least expect it, but you need to be ready.

  1. Don’t allow delays to derail your focus.


4.What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Don’t be discouraged.


5 ENEMIES OF FOCUS, Urban Dollz, Lifestyle blogs in Ghana

Discouragement gets to us when we suffer setbacks. Sooner or later something or someone will discourage you, it is part of life. You will suffer a setback, you would be hurt, be in pain, and think that all is lost and if you are like me would probably cry a little.  All these things can make you loose the drive you had from the beginning. When things don’t go the way you want it to, learn to encourage yourself because no one will do it for you.


Finally when we allow doubts to infiltrate our minds and when we think that we incapable of doing anything right. We loose confidence in ourselves, we stop believing that we can do it! We belittle our own efforts and feel as tho what we want in life will never become reality.

5 ENEMIES OF FOCUS, Urban Dollz, Lifestyle blogs in Ghana

The truth is God will never give you what you cannot handle. Everything He has given you including the bad things, He has given you is grace to overcome and be victorious.

You can be afraid to make mistakes but you should never doubt yourself.


Life is not easy, but it can be beautiful if you want it to be. It’s all about making the most with what you have, believing in yourself, being organized, staying self-motivated and keeping your head up high at all times. Yes, you may fall couple of times, beat yourself up or even get your heartbroken but have faith, remember why you started in the first place and stay focused.


You know you love me xoxo




I am a smart unapologetic woman who knows what she wants. I embody success, passion, ambition and drive. And yesssss I know how to have fun.

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