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Ladies, do you want to turn heads at your date out with your significant other? Relax, we got you. Look stunning and get all the attention with our list of outfit ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

Simplicity is sophistication. The following outfits are simple but chic and a must have for trendy ladies. Borrow some inspiration and leave a lasting impression.Whether you’re headed to a romantic dinner for two, hanging out with your friends, or just planning to watch a movie, here are ten (10) outfit ideas for that perfect date on Valentine’s Day.

1. Flip on that ripped, scratched or plain skinny jeans and pair it with fabulous blazer or chiffon top for that casual date.

2. If you love jumpsuits like I do, then go with it. There are various ways jumpsuits can be worn. Choose the right fit for your body figure to look amazing.

3. Palazzo pants are in vogue and a perfect fit for every body shape. Look trendy and sexy at the same time.

4. It’s a red day so get that red dress that accentuate your curves and look the part; “in love”.

5. In case you don’t want to look in love, choose this black body dress. Who doesn’t look good in black? A beautiful black dress is a must have for every lady.

6. Walk onto your own red carpet with this gorgeous gown. Elegant.

7. Hello my corporate ladies, you know we most often want to corporatize every occasion. Look ‘corporate sexy’ (if there is any phrase like that, lol!) with this simple blazer dress.

8. Ladies, you know we cannot do without our skirts. Our identification. I just love my skirts. It brings out the feminine in me. Pick up a skirt, pencil or flare and crop it up with a crop top.

9. Are you a lover of African prints and designs, then get yourself a beautiful wax print and sew this cute sleek dress design and feel like the African woman that you are; bold and beautiful.

10. Enough of the good girl tag? Show your man how sassy, and sexy you can be in this petite appealing dress. It’s always ok to sometimes show off some skin.

Go girl!In all efforts in finding the perfect outfit for that date, one rule of thumb to always keep in mind is to go for comfort. Any outfit you choose, endeavor to make sure you are comfortable in it. Comfort exudes confidence.Enjoy your date. I wouldn’t mind you sharing details of your date with me later though.

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