10 Nail Colors Dedicated to Dark Skin Ladies

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Getting your nails always adds an edge to your outfit or looks.  Whether you are getting on, acrylic or you are just wearing out your natural nails, the design and colors you choose can make or break your outfit.

Have you ever been in that situation where you got your nails did and you realized that it didn’t look too good on you because of your skin tone? Yup been there done that! Below are some nail colors dedicated to dark skin ladies.

1. Sunflower yellow

Want a color that would compliment your melanin skin tone, yellow is the way to go to make your fingers pop. It looks good on on short natural nails.

2. Soft Pink

Soft pink matches any look,it certainly looks beautiful and elegant on the melanin skin.

3. Olive green

If you are not a fan of bright or light colors, Olive green is the way to go.

4.Matte Navy Blue

Matte navy blue, matte black or matte red, you don’t always need to glossy on your nails.

5. Snow White

6. Lavender

 7. Nude


8. Baby Pink

9. Lady in RED

10. Beige

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